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In the actual audio interview, you'll hear answers to these thought-provoking questions (and more):

        1) Dr. Doug, we've both worked with a lot of traders in our time, and one thing that keeps coming up is confidence to pull the trigger. Or the lack of it.

In your audios you cover a lot of specific strategies that can help traders - what's one of your favorites, to help traders put on a trade when they're not sure of themselves?
  2) Trading as a business is critical to success. As you point out, the reason we trade is to make money. Many traders tend to forget that, they get caught up in the bells and whistles of software programs and chart patterns, when it should be about their P&L and, as you say, the quality of their trades as a measure of success.

What tips for our traders listening today, could you share about how to best achieve peak performance by focusing on what matters most, in their trades?

  3) And that leads us to the need for discipline and concentration. Traders have a hard time being objective when money's on the line, and their emotions cause them to double down on losing trades and make other mistakes.

What can you share with our traders about how to best stay objective in their trades, to keep a cool head and achieve the best performance they can?
  4) Finally, let's get to one of my favorite topics, that of having a trading process. What steps can traders take to help ensure they follow a process for making their trades when they face Wall Street each morning on their computers?

Like you say in one of your audios, traders need to know themselves; if they're a breakout trader they shouldn't mix it up with fades and pivots. What can active traders do to take advantage of their trading strengths and use that as leverage, to help them follow a process for trading more successfully?

Trading with "Dr. Doug": Feature Webinar .mp3 download link (click link to download):
(38 megs,  RUNNING TIME: 20 minutes)

Here's the Story:

Hundreds of traders have been asking me if Daytrading University will ever provide training related to coaching and personal performance. The answer is YES!

And I thought I'd start by interviewing the world's top trading coach, Dr. Doug Hirschhorn (he's a regular on CNBC and has authored 2 books), so that you could hear for yourselves all the answers to the questions you've all been asking me.     And you know I only work with the best... because I want for you all to succeed at this.

In checking around, the one name that kept coming up every time I asked "who's the most credible, successful trading coach in the entire trading industry?"... was Dr. Doug Hirschhorn (aka "Dr. Doug" on CNBC and elsewhere) .

And so here we are.   Dr. Doug agreed to let me ask him the most practical (and useful!) questions I could think of, to help traders develop a more focused and successful trading approach (regardless of whether you're a stock, forex, or options trader), so that us traders could get a better understanding of how to develop a winning approach to trading.

Like Larry King, I interviewed Dr. Doug candidly in a fast-paced, highly interesting way, so that you'll learn specific tactics and fascinating insights into how to approach your trading in a more professional manner (and will be glad you listened in to capture for yourself.

I'm thankful that Dr. Doug took the time out of his hectic schedule to permit this rare interview, and so I made the very best use of the precious time that was provided to us, to ask him very "hands on", useful trading questions for all of you (you can see the list above).
  You'll hear both trading technical strategies, as well as "shop talk", from one trader to another, as the two talk about common trader issues and barriers to success, and how to overcome them.

Here's a sample of a recent CNBC video featuring Dr. Doug, listen as he reveals answers to "Viewer Questions"; my favorite is the 3rd answer about using a table to size up on positions, great tip:

So grab your favorite beverage, watch the video above, and be sure to also download the exclusive interview I had with Dr. Doug so you can pick up new trading strategies in this valuable webinar for active traders.

About "Dr Doug" Hirschhorn :

Dr. Doug Hirschhorn is one of the most influential and sought-after performance coaches and executive trainers in the market today.

As a Peak Performance Coach, Dr. Doug has conducted over 400 workshops at financial institutions, multi-billion dollar hedge funds and corporations across the country. Some of his most popular topics include: the eight principles of excellence, managing teams in crises, the psychology of taking risk, goal setting, motivation and leadership development.

He is internationally recognized as an industry thought leader, as evidenced by his books, publications and numerous television appearances.

Dr. Doug is the author of 8 Ways to Great: Peak Performance On The Job and In Your Life (Putnam, January 2010); co-author of The Trading Athlete (Wiley, 2001).

Dr. Doug is a regular contributor for CNBC, has appeared on NBC’s “Today,” Vh1’s “The Fabulous Life” and currently hosts a weekly video blog for CNBC.

Dr. Doug is the chief executive officer of Edge Consulting, a consulting firm specializing in “Peak Performance Coaching.” Dr. Doug holds a Ph.D. in Psychology with a specialization in Sport Psychology. He was the catcher and captain of his Division I baseball team. After graduation, Dr. Doug spent several years as a floor trader at the Chicago Board of Trade.

Dr. Doug has offices in New York and South Florida. His client list includes elite athletes as well as many of the largest banks, hedge funds and financial institutions in the world.


About Ken Calhoun:

Ken Calhoun, founder of Daytrading University, has provided training to thousands of day and swing traders since 1999. Featured in Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities magazine, CBS,, TradersExpo and published in Active Trader Magazine, his award-winning courses and trading techniques are popular with active traders worldwide.

Together with his colleague Steve Nison, his seminars and trading courses have been widely acclaimed and have helped thousands of active traders learn professional trading techniques.   

A UCLA alumnus and former quality engineer and statistician, he brings a detailed analytical "precision trading" momentum approach to technical trading and is a widely known trading industry figure, speaking at trading expos and publishing industry articles internationally.    

Prior to launching his trading businesses, Ken was a corporate consultant and successful entrepreneur, training over 31,000 people worldwide in 3 continents from 140 companies in sales and quality management strategies.


For more on Dr. Doug, visit his site at:

Dr. Doug on Getting an Edge:
  Dr. Doug on Smart Risk, Stupid Risk:
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