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FOREX WEBINAR OUTLINE — Trading Questions & Answers with Boris, Kathy & Ken:

1) Can you tell me a little bit about what the spot FX market is?
2) What are the differences between FX vs. Equities?
3)  What are the differences between FX vs. Futures?
4) Leverage - what are the pros and cons?
5) What currencies do you trade?
6) What are the point values?
7) How does the trading system work?
8) Tell me about the ability to earn or pay interest?
9) What drives the FX market?
10) Fundamentals vs. Technicals?

PLUS: You'll hear detailed "how to" answers, as I ask Boris and Kathy all about the specific differences between HOW trading currency pairs is different from swing and day trading stocks, and much more.

You'll be impressed with the rapid-fire, specific answers to "all the real-world questions a stock trader would have" for FX traders, so that you'll learn the advantages and differences between trading the spot FX market and trading stocks.  

And it's explained in a fast-paced, highly interested interview style that'll have you leaning forward on the edge of your chair to learn exactly how it all works.
  More than just a solid overview of "how to trade currency pairs", which this amazing 1 hour, 22 minute webinar provides, you'll also learn "must hear" tactics straight from Kathy and Boris, such as:

  - How spot FX market liquidity and order fills work
  - Advantages that FX has over equities (speed, etc)
  - Tactics for using carry trades in trends
  - Practical trading strategies that work
  - and much, much more!

Print out the pdf and take notes as you learn advanced trading as these three traders "talk shop" and fill you in.

Forex Webinar .mp3 and pdf download link (click link to download):
(29 megs, unzip the file for the mp3 & pdf.   RUNNING TIME: 1 hr 22 mins)

Here's the Story:

Hundreds of traders have been asking me if Daytrading University will ever provide training for how to swing and day trade the spot FX markets recently. The answer is YES!

And I thought I'd start by interviewing top Forex traders and industry leaders, so that you could hear for yourselves all the answers to the questions you've all been asking me.     And you know I only work with the best... because I want for you all to succeed at this.

In checking around, the two names that kept coming up every time I asked "who are the most credible, professional Forex traders & trainers in the industry?"... were Kathy Lien and Boris Schlossberg.

And so here we are.   They had heard of me, and graciously agreed to take a full hour and a half to let me grill them with the most practical (and useful!) questions ever, so that "us stock traders" could get a better understanding of what the main differences between stock and currency trading were....
  You'll hear both trading technical strategies, as well as "shop talk", from one trader to another, as the three of us go through currency and stock trading one step at a time.

Like Larry King, I interviewed them candidly and in a fast-paced, highly interesting way, so that you'll learn specific tactics and fascinating insights into the world of currency trading that you haven't heard before (and will be glad you listened in to capture for yourself!).

I'm very grateful that Kathy and Boris took the time out of their hectic schedules to permit this rare interview, and so I made the very best use of the precious time that was provided to us, to ask them very "hands on", useful trading questions for all of you.

So grab your favorite beverage, download the mp3 and pdf to follow along with, and listen up in this valuable, useful webinar for active traders.

Recommended Resources Mentioned in the Webinar: : Boris and Kathy's fx advisory service
(you can sign up for their newsletter, too) : features forex technical analyses and research :  Boris and Kathy's "High Probability Trading Setups" ebook

Get your copy of Boris and Kathy's new book - just released September 10th, 2007:

Millionaire Traders: How Everyday People Are Beating Wall Street at Its Own Game
(I'd suggest ordering it from, I did)
About Boris Schlossberg:
Boris Schlossberg serves as the Senior Currency Strategist at FXCM in New York where he shares editorial duties with Kathy Lien for Dailyfx is one of the pre-eminent FX portal websites in the world attracting more than 3 million readers per month. The site covers currency trading 24 hours per day 5 days a week with 11 daily features 5 weekly pieces and 3 monthly articles. In addition to his daily duties of covering the Asian and European sessions of the FX trading day, Mr. Schlossberg also co-edits Forex Advisor, an Premium Service with Ms. Lien – one of the few investment advisory letters focusing strictly on the 2 Trillion/day FX market.

Mr. Schlossberg is also the author of “Technical Analysis of the Currency Market: Classic Techniques for Profiting from Market Swings and Trader Sentiment” from John Wiley and Sons (2006). He is a regular guest on CNBC World’s “Foreign Exchange” as well as CNBC television network and a frequent FX commentator for Bloomberg radio. His daily research is quoted by CBS Marketwatch/Dow Jones, Reuters, Bloomberg and Wall Street Journal.

Prior to becoming currency strategist, Mr. Schlossberg traded a variety of financial instruments including equities, options and stock index futures. His articles on subjects such as risk management, trader psychology and structure of modern electronic financial markets have appeared in SFO, Active Trader, Option Trader and Currency Trader magazines. Along with Ms. Lien, he is also the primary contributor to the forex section of the Investopedia website where his library of articles address a variety of technical and fundamental approaches to trade the currency market.

About Ken Calhoun:

Ken Calhoun, founder of Daytrading University, has provided training to thousands of day and swing traders since 1999. Featured in Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities magazine, CBS,, TradersExpo and published in Active Trader Magazine, his award-winning courses and trading techniques are popular with active traders worldwide.

Together with his colleague Steve Nison, his seminars and trading courses have been widely acclaimed and have helped thousands of active traders learn professional trading techniques.   A UCLA alumnus and former quality engineer and statistician, he brings a detailed analytical approach to technical trading.    Prior to launching his trading businesses, Ken was a corporate consultant and successful entrepreneur, training over 31,000 people worldwide in 3 continents from 140 companies in sales and quality management strategies.


About Kathy Lien:

Kathy Lien is Chief Strategist at one of the world’s largest retail forex market makers, FXCM in New York and author of the highly acclaimed book, “Day Trading the Currency Market: Technical and Fundamental Strategies to Profit form Market Swings (2005, Wiley).” As Chief Currency Strategist at FXCM, Kathy is responsible for providing research and analysis for DailyFX, one of the most popular currency research websites online. Ms. Lien also co-edits Forex Advisor, an Premium Service with Mr. Schlossberg – one of the few investment advisory letters focusing strictly on the 2 Trillion/day FX market.

She publishes both technical and fundamental research reports, market commentaries and trading strategies. A seasoned FX analyst and trader, Kathy has direct interbank experience. Prior to joining FXCM, Kathy worked in JPMorgan Chase’s Cross Markets and Foreign Exchange Trading groups using both technical and fundamental analysis to trade FX spot and options. She also has experience trading a number of products outside of FX, including interest rate derivatives, bonds, equities and futures. She has taught seminars around the world on day and swing trading the currency market.

Kathy is also one of the authors of Investopedia’s Forex Education section and has written for, the Asia Times Online, Stocks & Commodities Magazine, MarketWatch, ActiveTrader Magazine, Currency Trader, Futures Magazine and SFO. She is frequently quoted by Bloomberg, Reuters, the Wall street Journal, and the International Herald Tribune and frequently appears on CNBC, CBS and Bloomberg Radio. She has also hosted trader chats on EliteTrader, eSignal and FXStreet, sharing her expertise in both technical and fundamental analysis.

Her book “Day Trading the Currency Market: Technical and Fundamental Strategies to Profit from Market Swings” is designed for both the advanced and novice trader. Her easy to read and easy to apply book is filled with actionable strategies.


The 29-meg zip file includes both the mp3 recording and the pdf charts

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