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Here's the Story:

Because my own trading style relies heavily upon position sizing (and dynamic position scaling in and out), I looked for information on position sizing, and Dr. Van Tharp's name came up as an authority on the subject.

So I bought his most recent book, Super Trader, on amazon to see what tips it had. I was impressed with the books' approach and decided to ask Dr. Van Tharp if he could do an interview with me.
As one of the industry's top trading figures, Dr Van K. Tharp is known to traders worldwide for his expertise and authority on a variety of trading topics.

Here's the questions I asked Dr. Van Tharp, and his thoughtful answers. You can follow along with the questions as you listen to the interview if you wish.

In the actual audio interview, you'll hear answers to these thought-provoking questions (and more):

Question 1:
Let's start off with the mental before moving on to technicals. You talk a lot about traders' personal beliefs, and how they can either empower or limit traders' success; I agree with this. When traders fail to match their internal beliefs up with their personal skills, goals and strategies that fit them individually - they don't succeed. What advice would you give traders when it comes to leveraging their belief systems in a way that can help them potentially become better traders?

Question 2: Van, I really enjoyed your new "Super Trader" book, especially the part on position sizing, which I know you had developed many years ago. I think it's an absolutely critical skill, that traders overlook. They get wrapped up in chart patterns, without focusing on risk management and scaling into winning positions, which is important to understand. What advice would you give traders when it comes to position sizing, and what to keep in mind?

Question 3: This is a totally different topic so I made it a different question. How do R-multiples work in a practical trading situation, say if I was looking to buy a new breakout stock in the markets this week?

Question 4: Trading in a more businesslike way is absolutely critical to success, instead of the gambling and hoping approaches that many traders use. What advice would you give our traders listening today when it comes to those two issues, trading like a business, and achieving the discipline it takes to reach that goal?

Questions 5: Finally, I'd like to ask you about your take on how traders can best transform themselves, on several levels, to become more successful. The changes they need to make. The before-after steps they can take, as they work on developing a structured trading plan, that assists them in reaching their trading goals. How would you suggest they move forward, to accomplish this?

Question 6: How can traders learn more from you? What types of training and resources do you offer?


About & Dr. Van K. Tharp :

Van K Tharp heads up the Van Tharp Institute and is the creator of the "Peak Performance Course" and other courses for active traders. He's the author of several popular trading books, including his most recent one called "Super Trader".

He's also the author of three popular trading books that many of you have likely read, or heard of, including Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom (a new york times bestseller), Safe Strategies for Financial Freedom, and Financial Freedom Through Electronic Day Trading. The Van Tharp Institute, at, offers workshops year-round to help traders improve performance.

He has conducted workshops for floor traders at the CBOT, the CBOE, and the CME. He is also a regular speaker to portfolio and hedge fund managers worldwide. Van Tharp has also published numerous articles and has been featured in Forbes, Barron's Market Week, Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities, Investors Business Daily, Futures & Options World, and Trader's Journal.

Even USA Today said "Dr. Tharp has been singled out as one of the world’s topmost authorities on successful trading as featured in Jack Schwager’s authoritative book, Market Wizards." He's extensively studied successful traders' profiles and his training's helped thousands of traders around the world.



About Ken Calhoun:

Ken Calhoun, founder of Daytrading University, has provided training to thousands of day and swing traders since 1999. Featured in Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities magazine, CBS,, TradersExpo and published in Active Trader Magazine, his award-winning courses and trading techniques are popular with active traders worldwide.

Together with his colleague Steve Nison, his seminars and trading courses have been widely acclaimed and have helped thousands of active traders learn professional trading techniques.   

A UCLA alumnus and former quality engineer and statistician, he brings a detailed analytical "precision trading" momentum approach to technical trading and is a widely known trading industry figure, speaking at trading expos and publishing industry articles internationally.    

Prior to launching his trading businesses, Ken was a corporate consultant and successful entrepreneur, training over 31,000 people worldwide in 3 continents from 140 companies in sales and quality management strategies.  

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