If you are seeing this, it means that either:

a) your login/password were tracked from more than 2-3 unique IP addresses and/or
ISPs/cities, indicating possible password sharing or other unauthorized usage. Our
security script has temporarily disabled this login due to multiple IP address usage.
We track ISP, IP addresses, geolocation and timestamp for all logins.


b) it's been at least 2 weeks or longer after you'd ordered access to one of my standalone
downloadable courses (eg TradingShortETFs.com or similar) and your access time is now
expired (you are given up to 2 weeks to download videos from member areas after ordering,
as explained on the order form) , or

c) your paypal payment failed to go through for a subscription you'd enrolled in, so your
access is now over (unless you choose to resubscribe later with a working cc),

Please contact us using the support system to explain the situation if you believe
you are seeing this in error (eg why there were more than 3 unique IP addresses
flagged for this login/password, or whatever your situation is).

We clearly state on the site as a term of service that you can login from
no more than 2 unique IP addresses maximum, total (eg home/office), using
a single computer, single ISP, from the same city
. This is to prevent unauthorized
illegal password sharing.

Contact me (using the support tab at top-left or via this link):


a) If you see this, contact me asap to explain

1) (if applicable) if it's been more than 2-3 weeks after ordering a downloadable course,
why you still need download links, eg didn't you download on time as requested;

2) (if applicable) why you violated the legal TOS/Terms of Service by using multiple login

IPs that you agreed to when ordering, and which are described on the site you ordered from.

b) I may also contact you via support ticket to ask why multiple login IPs were tracked. If I do
so, I will likely attach screencap proof of IPs tracked to your login credentials.

c) You are to explain what happened. I'm very knowledgeable about the technology of
login tracking, and use a state-of-the art protection system, and have for nearly 15 years.
I know password-sharing when I see it. Do not try and BS me, I expect an honest answer.

d) If your explanation is not satisfactory, your access may be terminated, you will
definitely be blacklisted for life from ordering from me, and I may take other action,
depending on the seriousness of your infraction.

e) If your explanation is satisfactory, I may grant a second chance, by resetting
your login credentials once, as long as you agree to honor the TOS and limit your
logins to a single location/home pc/single ISP/max 2 IP addresses as required.

f) in either case, the fact that you're seeing this page means you may likely not
be allowed to ever order anything from me again/blacklisted for life, since you took up
my valuable time to review your situation, which shouldn't have occured in the first place.
I put all multiple-IP addresses in my merchant account blacklist, to prohibit any new
orders. Protecting my business against crimes like password sharing is important.

I take theft of service/illegal password sharing seriously, because it's a criminal
offense, which is prosecutable under applicable cybercrime/DMCA statutes
governing 'theft of service'.

Most of our traders trade from a single home or office location, and that's

how our security measures are configured. We need to protect access for
our legitimate members, so we use advanced security scripts to prevent
unauthorized password sharing.
See the screencap below showing some
of what our security system tracks (in addition to bandwidth/downloads per user).

FAQ: What about 'dynamic ip addressing'?
To avoid having issues with 'dynamic IP addressing' ISPs, we configure
the system so that it minimizes lockouts due to this, since it also tracks
geo-location as well as login times/city, IP thresholds and bandwidth.

This is okay: (person has IP with dynamic ip, ok as long as first two octets
remain the same, and geolocation trace tracks IPs to same city):

IP Address                   ISP                         City
210.14.216.xx              verizon.net           Los Angeles, CA
210.14.208.xx              verizon.net           Los Angeles, CA
210.14.199.xx              verizon.net           Los Angeles, CA

this is not ok (person is likely using multiple locations and/or password sharing)
(widely different IPs, and ip2location.com tracking shows different login cities and/
or different internet service providers/ISPs.):

IP Address                  ISP                          City
210.18.216.xx              comcast.net          Los Angeles, CA
198.22.290.xx              sbcglobal.net        Houston, TX
47.25.396.xx                shawcable.net      Phoeniz, AX 

FAQ: What if I move from one city/state to another?
That's fine, just let me know when you're moving (1-2x/year max) so I can reset
your credentials.

I've been tracking logins for many years, and can tell if somebody has likely
illegally shared their password (because of different cities/ISP accounts or
multiple widely different IP addresses). Password sharing is a crime under
current DMCA/illegal theft of service statutes and we reserve the right to
prosecute via police/law enforcement for illegal password sharing (which we do)
as well as file civil litigation for theft of service. We turn the log data screencap

proof over to the investigating officer/PA/district courts as evidence.

Unauthorized multiple-IP address tracked people who are suspected of illegal
password sharing are also lifetime-blacklisted from all our sites and may never
order from us again (their names/IPs are blacklisted in our merchant account for life).

You can check your IP address in the member's area of most of our member
sites, as it will show your IP address (or go to whatismyip.com), like this:

  < Your IP Address (logged and tracked for security purposes; login/download access auto-disables if unique IPs > 2.


Ken Calhoun, President

Limit logins to a single computer/physical location: