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If you're trying to get into one of our webinars but are having technical issues, contact gotowebinar, not us. Be sure to give them the gotowebinar registration link you were provided with when you call. We cannot help you with technical support; that's what gotowebinar's tech support does.

Direct contact information for gotowebinar tech support, including chat and/or phone support, is here:

We use the world's best webinar software, Gotowebinar (used by many) for our industry-leading events.

Be sure to contact us at least one hour or more before a webinar is scheduled to start, if you do not see a registration link that you should have received. Please do not, for example, contact me 10 minutes before a webinar and ask "help Ken I can't login", because I usually login early to answer questions and won't see your request in time.

Step 1: Check your spam/trash email folders to find a webinar registration link. That's where they're usually at, if not your inbox. You must register for any of my webinars at least 60 minutes before the scheduled start time, since I need to manually check your email address/eligibility and approve you, before you can enter.

Step 2: If you still don't see a link for a webinar you are supposed to have been registered for, then contact me by support ticket only (never email) at least 60 minutes before the start of the webinar, at:

If you contact me too close to the webinar start time, eg 20 minutes before it begins, I will probably not be able to help you get in, since I login early to the events and answer questions from traders, so I won't have time to see and respond to your help ticket in time. It's your responsibility to mark the event start time on your calendar, and contact me via support ticket at least 60 minutes before the start of any webinar, if for any reason you don't see the registration link/email.

For my live trading room webinars, your link is at the top of the member's area, always login there and press F5/refresh to see the current link, at top of the page, and register using that.

For all other webinars, I always send out registration emails at least 24 hours (usually from 48 hours to 7 days before the scheduled event), so you should have it well ahead of the scheduled start time for every webinar. Please register immediately once you get your gotowebinar email link from me, so that I'll know you've gotten it, and that it's gotten through to you -- thanks.
LOGIN: As an alternative to clicking on the link in the gotowebinar email they sent you, you can also directly enter the webinar ID (from the gotowebinar registration email) and your email address here, to login if you are having difficulties, at gotowebinar's remote login page at:

Step 3: If, after getting your link you cannot login, try rebooting your computer, and try from at least one or two different browsers (one at a time) to join the webinar event. Gotowebinar tech support confirmed that this is a good idea, eg if you can't login from Firefox, try IE or Chrome (or vice-versa) instead. Be sure to reboot your pc, then run your browser.

Gotowebinar provides technical support, not us
. If you can't login to a webinar you've registered for, that you've gotten a registration link from me for, then you are required to contact gotowebinar's excellent technical support team, not us, for help. Do not contact gotowebinar if you don't have your registration link, only contact them if you got it, but can't get in, and have registered at least 60 minutes before the start of any event.

Gotowebinar connection wizard to check your connection:

Gotowebinar FAQ:

Gotowebinar Help Center/Global Customer Support with Common Issues & Solutions:

Direct contact information for gotowebinar tech support, including chat and/or phone support, is here:

If you have a regular PC or mac you should be able to log in via our Gotowebinar interface to follow along.

Here's the PC system requirements, from the GotoWebinar FAQ page:

  • Internet Explorer® 7.0 or newer, Mozilla® Firefox® 3.0 (JavaScript™ and Java™ enabled)
  • Windows® 7, Vista, XP or 2003 Server
  • Cable modem, DSL, or better Internet connection
  • Dual-core 2.4GHz CPU or faster with 2GB of RAM (recommended)
    (Mac users: see the Gotowebinar FAQ page for system requirements)

Be sure to turn up your computer speakers so you can hear the presentation and training, once you log in.

In summary,
Problem: Help I am supposed to get a link to register for the webinar and I don't see it in my emails.
Answer: Contact me at least an hour prior to the scheduled start time, After checking your spam/trash folders carefully. Also remember -- you didn't click the 'unsubscribe' link in gotowebinar's or my emails earlier, did you? Because if you did, you will not get your access email (since if you're unsubscribed you can't get email notifications from us). Contact us with an alternate non-unsubscribed email address at least an hour ahead of time, if needed.
Problem: Help I got the link from you, but my computer won't load gotowebinar correctly, it's not running.
Answer: Contact Gotowebinar tech support for help.
Problem: I tried logging in from one computer, then switched to a different computer/laptop to try and login, and it won't let me register or login on the second computer.
Answer: You may only login and register from a SINGLE regular pc (or mac). Trying to use multiple devices is not allowed, for the same email/registration, since people could try and illegally share passwords/logins. Limit one device/pc/login per person per event. Shut down/reboot/restart the first computer/laptop, and ensure gotowebinar is not running, before trying to login to a second computer.
What to NOT do (per terms of service):
+ Do NOT try logging in from multiple devices, or multiple IP locations. Login to gotowebinar using a single pc (or mac) from a single geographic location/IP address. Anything else will be locked out. Your registration expires after single-use.
+ Do NOT login from one computer then change to a different computer, as it will tell you the login is already in use (just like a charting software program or other protected-access program). I called gotowebinar tech support and the confirmed that your link is a one-time usage link per webinar. So if you login once, then the link expires and cannot then be used again from any other computer.
+ Do NOT wait until just 60 minutes or sooner before the scheduled start time to register for a webinars, you must register no later than 60 minutes prior to any webinar start time, since I manually have to check and approve you.
+ Do NOT contact me with "how do I login" or "help I can't get gotowebinar to launch/startup" questions: if you have technical login issues you contact gotowebinar by phone, not me.
+ Do NOT click the 'unsubscribe' link at the bottom of any of my (or gotowebinars') emails, or you won't get your access email (if you click unsubscribe then we have to remove you from our database, which we do, per can-spam laws). Each mailing list is separate, to unsubscribe from any individual list, click the unsubscribe link, though you won't get any further emails from us.

Remember, Gotowebinar's technical support team is there for your support needs. I cannot individually help you with your computer issues or personal "how do I login" types of questions once you've gotten your registration link email from gotowebinar; you must contact gotowebinar directly for help with that.

If you don't see an email with your registration link that you're supposed to have, contact me directly for that.

Also -- reminder to never click the "unsubscribe" link at bottom of Any gotowebinar emails they send, or you won't ever be able to get emails from them, for my webinars (per can-spam laws). Do not unsubscribe if you want your access emails, since they need to have permission (and no unsubscribe link pressed, earlier) to send your access email. And that's the same from me; never click unsubscribe from any of my emails, because if you do, you won't get any further emails (including webinar registration links etc) from me, since an email unsubscribe takes you off our list permanently.

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